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Filing of a Trademark
Except for providing requested services,
all information disclosed by you in this form will remain strictly confidential.
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1. Type of Mark

Trademark consisting of one or more words (e.g., TrademarkDr)

Trademark consisting of a design (e.g., TrademarkDr logo, consisting of TrademarkDr word and the small U.S. flag)
Please send the logo to TrademarkDr (info@trademarkdr.com) in JPG format, maximum of 1 Mb.

2. Use of Mark in the United States

Intent to use in the US (for Future Use)
Actually used in the US since:
Not Applicable (Filing in Canada Only)

3. Use of Mark in Canada

Intent to use in Canada (for Future Use)
Actually used in Canada since:
NoT Applicable (Filing in the USA Only)

4.Goods and/or Services

 List Goods sold or to be sold under the mark. (e.g., Accounting Software)

List Services sold or to be sold under the mark. (e.g., Accounting Services)


5. Owner of Mark

- The owner of mark must be the person who uses the mark or who grants to a third party a license to use the mark.
- The owner of mark may be a natural person (individual) or a legal person (corporation, LLC, SARL, etc.).

Owner Name:



6. Information About the Client

* Title:   Ms.   Mr.

* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Address:

* Email (Main):

- TrademarkDr will contact you at this email address.

* Email (Alternate):

- If any problem occurs with the main email address.

* Telephone (Mobile):

* Telephone (Office):

Telephone (Home):

Skype Username:


7. Trademark Filing Services

Filing of a North American Trademark (USA and Canada): US$ 1999 *$100 discount*
Filing of a U.S. Trademark: US$ 999
Filing of a Canadian Trademark: US$ 999
Filing of Europe Trademark: US$ 579
Filing of Worldwide Trademark: US$ 899

8. Payment

Order Amount:


* Please select the payment method:

Wire Transfer        TrademarkDr bank account information provided upon receipt of this order form.
Western Union      Western Union transfer instructions provided by TrademarkDr upon receipt of this order form.
Bank Check           Bank check must issued by any U.S. bank or other U.S. financial institution.
Personal Check   Two-week delay for non-certified checks to clear the bank.
Credit Card           Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Authorization form provided by TrademarkDr upon receipt of this order form.
PayPal                    TrademarkDr is a PayPal Verified Member. Payment instructions provided by TrademarkDr upon receipt of this order form.

- Any payment must be made in US dollars;
- Any bank check, personal check or wire transfer must be made to "TrademarkDr Inc.";
- Full payment is required before TrademarkDr services are provided.

9. Special Instructions

Save as otherwise instructed hereinbelow, TrademarkDr will ship the Corporate Kit to the Client's address, as mentioned in section 6 of this Order Form.

The following text box (self-expandable) is intended for:
- any special instruction you may have
- any comment or suggestion.


10. Confirmation and Delivery

As Client (or as Client's Authorized Representative), you confirm the following:

  1. You request TrademarkDr to provide you with the above-mentioned services;
  2. You agree to pay the above-mentioned amount, FedEx shipping costs, as well as the price of any additional services you may request subsequently, after delivery of this form;
  3. You understand that once TrademarkDr starts providing its services: - this order cannot be cancelled or modified; and - the total amount will not be reimbursed by TrademarkDr, in whole or in part;
  4. TrademarkDr, through its representatives or employees, has provided you no advice or service of legal, accounting, financial, or tax nature;
  5. You must ensure, through qualified professionals or otherwise, that your Company meets the various U.S. legal requirements, including tax requirements, if applicable; and
  6. You must notify TrademarkDr without delay about any changes concerning your personal information or concerning the Company information.

Before clicking on the "Send" button:

- Check all information provided in this form
- Print this form for your records.

This order form will be sent to TrademarkDr in a secure manner and processed without delay.



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