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What are trademarks?
First impressions are always important and that applies to products and services in the business world.  A trademark can help companies gain recognition locally, nationally and globally. They are all around us and often help persuade consumers in their purchasing decisions.  Registering your trademark is important to protect you from having others use it for their own personal and business benefits.

What are the rights given to trademark owners?
If a company registers their trademark, they are protected from having anyone else use it for their own benefit.  If another person or company does, you can sue them in court and force them to stop using it immediately.  You may also be entitled to monetary compensation for legal fees and losses.

What are the benefits of having a trademark?
Trademarks benefit both businesses and individuals because it allows growth and expansion by building a solid reputation and identity with consumers. It ensures that customers can repeat their positive buying experiences by searching out familiar brand names, using trademarks as guides.

What is a service mark?
A service mark is essentially the same thing as a trademark but it is used for the sale of services, instead of products.

What is the difference between trademarks, patents and copyrights?
The words "trademark," "copyright," and "patent," are often used interchangeably but this is incorrect since they all serve different purposes.  Patents are used to protect new inventions, discoveries and designs.  Copyrights protect original pieces of work, whether in writing, art, architecture, or computer programs.  Trademarks protect names and logos.  The commonality amongst all three is that they all prevent others from duplicating or using your creations for their own personal or financial benefit.

How can I order a TrademarkDr service?
Choose from the trademark services' link or the incorporation services' link at the top of the page. Choose the package you want and then click on the ORDER NOW button.

Is the ordering process secure?
Yes. All the transactions are processed in a secure environment.

What is the privacy policy regarding information I send to TrademarkDr?
Your personal information remains totally confidential.

Can TrademarkDr provide me with advice about trademarks and incorporation?
TrademarkDr is a corporate service company. Therefore it will provide advice regarding trademarks and incorporation.

What payment method may I use to pay TrademarkDr services?

Bank Wire Transfer Trademark bank account information provided upon receipt of your order form.
Western Union Western Union transfer instructions provided by CorpoMax upon receipt of your order form.
Bank Check Must be issued by any U.S. bank or other U.S. financial institution.
Personal Check Two-week delay for non-certified checks to clear the bank.
Credit Card Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Authorization form provided by trademark upon receipt of your order form.
PayPal Payment instructions provided by Trademark upon receipt of your order form. TrademarkDr is a PayPal Verified Member.

How are TrademarkDr products shipped?
TrademarkDr products are shipped via FedEx.

How do I get more information?
Please contact TrademarkDr, by phone or email.